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About Us

From the sun-warmed waves of the Kingdom of Bahrain, PENINSULA INSTRUMENTS offers an exceptionally unique assortment of luxurious watches, giving its users an embodiment of elegance and opulence. Designed here in the heart of the Kingdom, the attention to detail in creating this exceptional timepiece guarantees the level of quality and reliability.

The swift mechanical Swiss movements of the watch harbor the essence of a classic timepiece and the precision in timekeeping allow the user to experience an array of comfort and sophistication.

Message from the Founder

I founded Peninsula Instruments with the belief that exceptional quality is possible without prohibitive expense. We don’t compromise our design or our workmanship to earn your business. Instead, we seek to offer watches that are as extraordinary as those of our competitors, but can meet the eyes of a wider audience.

Upholding your trust in our products is of highest priority, you may rest assured that every piece that is born at Peninsula Instruments is developed to satisfy its holder. We stand by our products, and we will be here far into the future to fulfill our guarantee and our commitment to our customers.

The photographs on this website cannot adequately convey the true beauty of our product. Once you hold a timepiece from Peninsula Instruments in your hand, you will understand instantly that each one is a substantial, exquisite work of art.

I am proud to have this opportunity to introduce you to our collection and I look forward to serving you.